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Book and Trail Updates

We try to keep up-to-date on trail conditions and visitor services covered in out guides. Here are some updates.

Hiker's hip pocket Guide to the Mendocino Coast, 3rd Edition

Updates through Summer, 2012.

Hiker's hip pocket Guide to the Mendocino Coast, 4th Edition

Updates through February, 2019

Exploring Eastern Sierra Canyons: Bishop to Lone Pine

Updates/errata through Summer 2012

The Hiker's hip pocket Guide to the Humboldt Coast, 2nd Edition

Updates through May, 2013

The Mendocino Coast Glove Box Guide

Updates through March, 2014

Hiking the California Coastal Trail, Volume 1

Updates through Summer, 2017

Eastern Sierra Hot Springs

P26-27: The US Forest Service has closed the main access to Hot Creek due to dangerous, scalding water and incidents where people and dogs have been seriously injured. At this time, none of the other Long Valley hot springs have been affected.