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Wild Mushroom Cookbook
Recipes from Mendocino For Cooks Everywhere

Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow

Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow have created the most comprehensive collection of wild mushroom recipes ever assembled. Full of ideas that you can also apply to store-bought mushrooms, this book will stimulate your imagination and guide your creativity.

Conifers of the Pacific Slope
A Field Guide to the Conifers of California, Oregon and Washington

Michael Kauffmann

This book provides in depth information about the 65 conifer species that occur in the three Pacific Coast states and beyond, color photos, accurate and updated range maps for each species, plus an elaborate key to aid with identification.

Take Me to the Tide Pools
An Interactive Guide for Learning about Tide Pool Animals

Text and Photography by David Casterson
Illustrations by Anoosh Moutafian

This book truly appeals to all West Coast tide pool and aquarium visitors. With excellent color photos, space for notes, and b&w photos designed to be colored in, this interactive book makes learning fun.

Sibley’s Backyard Birds of the Pacific Northwest

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 69 backyard bird species, including descriptions, size, range, seasonal occurrence, and multiple illustrations.

Land Mammals of the Rockies & the Pacific Northwest

Written & Illustrated by Fiona A. Reid

Guide covers 56 mammals, both large and small, found in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. It includes bats, moles, rabbits, as well as the large mammals of the region.

Sibley’s Birds of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 53 waterbirds: shorebirds, gulls, terns, wading birds, ducks, geese, swans, loons, and more. Each entry includes descriptive caption, size, range, seasonal occurrence, and illustrations.

Sharks, Skates, Rays, & Chimaera of the Pacific Coast

Written & Illustrated by Val Kells

Covers 39 species of sharks—both common and rare—found both inshore and offshore, plus 24 species of electric rays, stingrays, skates, and guitarfishes.

Sibley’s Common Trees of the Pacific Northwest

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 48 of the most common native and introduced tree species, including descriptions, size, range, and illustrations of bark, leaves, blossoms, and fruits and berries.

When You See Flukes

by Katherine Hocker and Cheryl Cook
Illustrations by Katherine Hocker

Vivid illustrations, lively text, hidden picture challenges, and layers of natural history make this a book that parents, teachers and children will enjoy.

American Dippers
Singers in the Mountain Streams

Mary F. Willson & Katherine M. Hocker

This fascinating and concise book invites readers into the world of these fascinating aquatic songbirds. How do dippers keep warm in the frigid water? What do they eat? What do their nests look like? This natural history of one of North America's most charming songbirds answers these questions, and many more.

Sea Turtles of the Pacific Coast

Written & Illustrated by Blair & Dawn Witherington

Describes in detail the five sea turtles that inhabit the Pacific: Loggerhead, Leatherback, Hawksbill, Green, and Olive Ridley.

Oregon & Washington Coast Map

GM Johnson Maps

One side says Oregon and Washington Coast, flip side says Washington and Oregon Coast to keep both states happy!

The Singer in the Stream

Katherine Hocker & Mary Willson, Illustrations by Katherine Hocker

This handsome picture book, written and illustrated by two dipper researchers, introduces readers to these charming birds and their watery world. Here you will discover what dippers eat and how they get it, where and how they nest, where they go in winter, and much more.

Sibley’s Seabirds of the Pacific Coast

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 53 species, both common and rare, found along the Pacific Coast of North America. Includes migratory and year-round residents, loons, auklets, cormorants, shearwaters, storm-petrels, gulls, terns, and more.

Freshwater Fishes of the Pacific Northwest

Text by Robert G. Werner

Covers 54 species commonly found in lakes, streams, and rivers: game fish, panfish, and bait species. With edibility index and preferred bait.

Fishes of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Written & Illustrated by Val Kells

Covers 56 species— both common and rare—found inshore, nearshore, and offshore waters off the coast of California from the California/Oregon border up to and including British Columbia.

Sibley’s Ducks, Geese, & Swans of Western North America

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 46 waterbirds: dabbling ducks, diving ducks, geese, plus swan and other domestic waterfowl.

Common Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Text & Images by Rick Cech

Covers 62 Species, both common and exotic: swallowtails, buckeyes, sulphur, hairstreaks and more. With species found in woodlands, fields & scrub, wetlands & swamps and inhabited areas.

Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, & Oregon: A Guide to Common Edible & Poisonous Species

Text & Photos by J. Duane Sept

Covers 55 common mushrooms, 43 edible and 12 poisonous or not edible. Six illustrations and text explain mushroom identification and cautions.

Fishes of Puget Sound

Written & Illustrated by Val Kells

Covers 60 species—both common and rare—found from nearshore to the deep waters of Puget Sound.

WineTrails of Walla Walla
A Guide for Uncorking your Memorable Wine Tour

Steve Roberts

Get the most from your stay as Washington native Steve Roberts guides you through the hidden treasures of this great area with distinct and memorable WineTrails.

West Seattle 101
An Insider’s Guide to Recreation, Dining, Entertainment & Enrichment

Lori Hinton

An eclectic collection of 101 things to do in this great corner of a great city. Includes restaurants, cafes, delis, bars, coffee houses, dancing, arts, crafts, outdoor activities, shopping, and much more.

San Juan Islands and Southern Gulf Islands Region Map

Bluewater Maps

This richly varied, colorful map of Washington's San Juan Islands spans from the Canadian border at Tsawwassen and White Rock in the north to Skagit Bay and Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island in the south.

Mountain Bike! Southwest Washington
A Guide to Trails & Adventure

John Zilly

This great guidebook to Pacific Northwest trails covers the best singletrack in the South Cascades, the Olympic Peninsula and beyond. With more than 60 detailed trail descriptions for trails of all skill levels.

San Juan Islands Map

Bluewater Maps

Takes a close look at the San Juan Islands in northwest Washington. Map spans from Canada's Pender Islands and Strait of Georgia in north to Strait of Juan de Fuca in south.

Fishes of the Salish Sea

Written & Illustrated by Val Kells

Shows 60 native and exotic species commonly found in nearshore and deep waters of this sea in northwest Washington and southwest British Columbia.

Sibley’s Raptors of Western North America

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 28 raptors: hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, and kites. Each entry includes descriptive caption, size, range map, seasonal occurrence, and multiple illustrations.

Kissing the Trail
Greater Seattle Mountain Bike Adventures
Revised and expanded 3rd edition

John Zilly

The Northwest's bestselling mountain bike guide gets even better. It details the best mountain bike trails within 85 miles of Seattle, with the best directions and maps.

Wild Pigs
The Mountain Bike Adventure Guide to the Pacific Coast

John Zilly

This detailed and witty guide offers a wealth of spectacular mountain bike trails along the Pacific Coast from Santa Barbara to British Columbia.

Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Written & Illustrated by Pieter Folks

Descriptions of Humpback, Fin, Gray, Killer, Blue, and Minke Whales. Other nearshore species included: Sea Lions, Sea Otter, and the Harbor Seal.

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest
Twenty Postcards

Larry Ulrich

A companion souvenir to the larger book.Twenty stunning images plus a short introductory essay.

Mt. Rainier National Park—Hiking Map and Guide

Earthwalk Press

Best designed Mt. Rainier topo map with most extensive text. In addition to 5-color full park map, enlarged inset maps cover Paradise, Sunrise, Longmire, Ohanapecosh, elevation profile of Wonderland Trail.

PRICE REDUCED! Paper edition was $4.95; waterproof edition was $9.95.

Sawtooth Wilderness—Hiking Map and Guide

Earthwalk Press

The only comprehensive topo map on the Sawtooth Wilderness. This 5-color map combines 26 7.5-minute quads, covering the entire wilderness and all access areas.

Mount Rainier National Park
Tales, Trails, and Auto Tours

Jerry and Gisela Rohde Illustrations by Larry Eifert

This most comprehensive guide covers Washington's oldest national park. Describes 25 popular trails and 12 auto tours, with 50 historical anecdotes. Info on plants, wildlife, geology and climate too.

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