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Eastern Sierra Hot Springs
The Complete Guide to Eastern Sierra Recreational Hot Springs

George J. Williams III

Concise, fun guide describes the hot springs of the Eastern Sierra. Covers soaks in northeastern California, and nine western Nevada springs.

Nevada Hot Springs
The Complete Guide to Nevada’s Recreational Hot Springs

George J. Williams III

Concise, occasionally irreverent guide covers more than 40 Nevada hot springs worth visiting. Williams personally evaluates the various springs for water temperature, seclusion, cleanliness, whether a fee is charged, overall conditions, improvements, and whether camping is allowed nearby.

Land Mammals of the Southwest

Written & Illustrated by Fiona A. Reid

Covers 53 mammals found in the region, with descriptions and images. Illustrations and text are by Fiona Reid, an accomplished naturalist.

Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest
Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

by Kathy Biggs
Photographs by Pierre Deviche, Jim Johnson, Greg Lasley, Ron Oriti

This definitive guide describes 125 species. Includes habitat, distribution, flight periods, and behaviors for each species. Coverage includes dragonflies, skimmers, emeralds, darners, clubtails, and mixed families.

Sibley’s Common Trees of the Southwest

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

48 common native and cultivated trees covered, with descriptions, size, range, illustrations of bark, leaves, blossoms, fruits and berries.

Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West
Cultural and Scientific Basis for their Use

Cecilia Garcia & James D. Adams, Jr.

This informative guide covers the traditional healing uses and modern pharmacological data on 115 native plants found in California and the West. While western plants have been used in healing for thousands of years, this book carefully explains the uses of each plant for healing and the spiritual dimension of that healing process.

Sibley’s Backyard Birds of the Desert Southwest

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 72 bird species, including description, size, range, seasonal occurrence, and multiple illustrations.

Sibley’s Ducks, Geese, & Swans of Western North America

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 46 waterbirds: dabbling ducks, diving ducks, geese, plus swan and other domestic waterfowl.

Common Butterflies of the Southwest

Text & Images by Rick Cech

Covers 62 Species, both common and exotic: swallowtails, buckeyes, sulphur, hairstreaks and more. With species found in woodlands, fields & scrub, wetlands & swamps and inhabited areas.

Nevada Road Map

Benchmark Maps

Detailed statewide road map shows all roads, parks and monuments, points of interest.

Common Palms and Palm-like Plants of California & the Southwest

Written by Alan W. Marrow; illustrated by Robert O'Brien

Covers 36 species of palm trees and Palm-like plants, both native and exotic, found throughout the region.

The Guide to Bodie and Eastern Sierra Historic Sites

George Williams III

In this book, George Williams III tells of the gold discovery at Bodie in 1859, the camp's boom in 1879, its long decline, and its present state. This book also details the history and present state of other mining towns and camps in the area: nearby Aurora, Lucky Boy, and many more.

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