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Books and maps tagged “poetry”

Shakespeare Playing Cards

Prospero Art Shakespeare Playing Cards

These quality playing cards feature splendid full color designs in the style of the Renaissance with a quote on each card, totalling 54 quotes in each deck. The aces, face cards, and jokers use images from old masters such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

Cartwheels on the Faultline

various authors Cartwheels on the Faultline; Works By 27 Sonoma County Women

Writing and art that dare acrobatics on the edge. This engaging collection features short stories, memoirs, essays, and poetry by writers such as Fionna Perkins, Robin Beeman, Elizabeth Herron, Sara Peyton, Simone Wilson, Barbara Baer and Ianthe Brautigan.

Jasmine Nights & Monkey Pluck
Love, Discovery and Tea

Writings Collected by Marylu Downing, Faith Morgan, & Ellen Galford Jasmine Nights & Monkey Pluck

Women writers and poets celebrate small pleasures and life’s secrets over a steaming cup of tea.


Johanna Bedford, Jane Harris Austin, Mary Bradish O'Connor and M.L. Harrison Mackie Calabash

A lively collection by four Mendocino women with strong and varied voices, these provocative poems range from deceptively simple lyrics to complex, formal verse.

Say Yes Quickly
A Cancer Tapestry

Mary Bradish O'Connor Say Yes Quickly—A Cancer Tapestry

This book of well crafted poems and short prose pieces describes the experience of being diagnosed, treated and living with cancer.

White Song

Susan Maeder White Song

A powerful book about the unfolding of the human spirit, these poems offer consolation through a return to a deeper connection with nature.

Wood, Water, Air, and Fire
The Anthology of Mendocino Women Poets

Edited by Sharon Doubiago, Devreaux Baker and Susan Maeder Wood, Water, Air, and Fire—The Anthology of Mendocino Women Poets

This enticing,moving book collects works by 63 distinctive voices of rich and varied emotional tone, including ruth weiss, Lydia Rand and Julia Butterfly Hill. The poets range in age from 14 to 88.