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Toker Playing Cards
Every Card a Work of High Art

Prospero Art Toker Playing Cards

Now that pot is legal in California and Colorado, and decriminalized in many other states, it’s time to celebrate/mock (choose one) High Culture. Do so with the colorful and high camp Toker Playing Cards. They have illustrations on every card that tokers and non-tokers alike will find amusing, with some images downright hilarious.

A Guide to Common & Exotic Strains

Text & Photos by Randi Boice & Sean Moore Cannabis: A Guide to Common & Exotic Strains

Covers 80 varieties of marijuana, 12 Indica, 4 Sativa, and 64 Hybrids. Each variety indicates THC content, CBD content, Lineage, aroma and/or flavor signature. Impressive color photos show mature buds.