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Books and maps tagged “humor”

Mark Twain Playing Cards
55 Quotes by Mark Twain

Prospero Art, Illustrations by Jan Padover Mark Twain Playing Cards

Twain's characters spring to life in this colorful deck of cards. The cards feature watercolored pen and ink drawings of many of the memorable American characters he created.

Shakespeare Playing Cards

Prospero Art Shakespeare Playing Cards

These quality playing cards feature splendid full color designs in the style of the Renaissance with a quote on each card, totalling 54 quotes in each deck. The aces, face cards, and jokers use images from old masters such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork...
That’s How You Spell New York

Howard Schrager; Illustrated by Sarah Madsen A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork...

As a child, the author’s father taught him a couple of 1920s street rhymes based on American geography. Years later, after fifteen years as a Waldorf School teacher, Schrager decided to write a book with a Riddle Rhyme for each of the 50 states.

The Hotel on the Roof of the World
From Miss Tibet to Shangri La

Alec LeSueur The Hotel on the Roof of the World: From Miss Tibet to Shangri La

Alec Le Sueur spent five extraordinary years in Tibet, working for an international hotel chain. Against the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas he unfolds a highly amusing and informative account of his experiences.

Citizen Moore

By Roger Rapaport Citizen Moore

This definitive biography traces the untold story of the 30 years of struggles and failures that led to Michael Moore’s “overnight” success. Investigative reporter Roger Rapoport interviewed 200 people who played key roles in Michael Moore’s life.

The Panty Sutra

Aleela The Panty Sutra

This unique little book offers a surreal combination of mysticism, sex, and humor that will create a buzz.

101 Ways to Survive George W. Bush

Pat Bagley 101 Ways to Survive George W. Bush

Before you flee to Canada to avoid rampant Bushification, here are 101 clever ideas from The Salt Lake Tribune's award-winning political cartoonist, Pat Bagley.

Clueless George Presidential Library

by Pat Bagley Clueless George Presidential Library

Three clever Clueless George titles in an irreverent gift set with a special, moneysaving price. NOW 50% OFF!

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

Created by Jan Padover & Rick Ellis
with the original John Tenniel illustrations Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

Every card features a quote from Lewis Carroll's original Alice in Wonderland tale or his companion book, Through the Looking-Glass, with the full-color artwork of famous English illustrator Sir John Tenniel as featured in the classic original edition.

Fist Bump Heard 'Round the World
The 2008 Election in Cartoons

words and political cartoons by Pat Bagley Fist Bump Heard 'Round the World: The 2008 Election in Cartoons

Pat Bagley's hilarious tour through the 2008 presidential election, featuring his favorite election-themed political cartoons gathered from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Clueless George Takes on Liberals!

Pat Bagley Clueless George Takes on Liberals!

Tricks! Jokes! Games! Waterboarding! Will Bertrand the Liberal join in the robust and muscular fun, or will he cut and run back to his mother's apron strings?

Clueless George is Watching You!

Pat Bagley Clueless George is Watching You!

Award-winning cartoonist Pat Bagley takes aim at the Bush Administration's controversial domestic spying program and serves up an hilarious critique on the Commander-in-Chimp.

Clueless George Goes to War!

Pat Bagley Clueless George Goes to War!

This wickedly clever parody follows our war-monkey-president as he blithely capers into the most hilarious series of pratfalls and misadventures since Vietnam.

The Digested Read

By John Crace The Digested Read

Literary ombudsman John Crace never met an important book he didn’t like to deconstruct. He retells the big books in just 500 bitingly satirical words, pointing his pen at the clunky plots, stylistic tics, and pretensions to Big Ideas, as he turns dream books into dross.

I've Been Gone Far Too Long
Field Trip Fiascoes and Expedition Disasters

Edited by Monique Borgerhoff-Mulder and Wendy Logsdon

Here are the stories of 30 research scientists who go off the deep ends of the earth. From bush pilots and endangered species to Land Rover nightmares, these hair-raising tales will keep readers up past dawn.

I Should Have Just Stayed Home
The Worst Trips of Great Writers

Edited by Roger Rapaport and Bob Drews I Should Have Just Stayed Home

Latest in the series has lots of surprises, more scary and hilarious travel tales.