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Lacrosse Playing Cards

Prospero Art, Illustrations by Jan Padover Lacrosse Playing Cards

This intriguing deck features illustrations by Jan Padover of Native Americans playing lacrosse.

Garden & Flowers Playing Cards
54 Vintage Seed Packets & Catalogue Illustrations

Prospero Art Garden & Flowers Playing Cards; 54 Vintage Seed Packets & Catalogue Illustrations

Colorful deck features illustrations from late 19th century-early 20th century American seed packets and catalogs.

Native American Playing Cards
55 Portraits by Edward Curtis

Prospero Art Native American Playing Cards; 55 Portraits by Edward Curtis

This stunning deck features 55 of the best images taken by Internationally known ethnologist and photographer Edward Curtis (1868-1952), known as Shadow Catcher, a name bestowed upon him by several tribes.

Chickens Playing Cards
55 Vintage Illustrations

Prospero Art Chickens Playing Cards

This amusing deck features classic illustrations of chickens from old note cards. Includes 35 varieties of birds plus plenty of adorable chicks.

Jane Austen Playing Cards

Prospero Art Jane Austen Playing Cards

These attractive cards, evocative of Austen’s times, have one suit dedicated to each of her most famous works: hearts have images and quotes from Pride and Prejudice, clubs portray Emma, diamonds show Sense and Sensibility, and and spades represent Persuasion.