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Gold Fever, Part Three
The Path to Civil War

Ken Salter Gold Fever, Part Three: The Path to Civil War

The latest installment of Salter's rich historical saga, set among the crime, gambling, prostitution, and political tensions of 1850s California

Gold Fever, Part Two
San Francisco 1851-1852

Ken Salter Gold Fever, Part Two

The continuing adventures of Pierre and Manon Dubois, a French couple who travelled to San Francisco and Northern California in 1851, arriving when The City was at its most chaotic and treacherous state of development.

Gold Fever
San Francisco 1851

Ken Salter Gold Fever: San Francisco 1851

Pierre Dubois goes to northern California, investigating the plight of French workers who have been sent to California. This compelling story is filled with rich historical details, bringing to life all the legendary excitement and chaos of the California Gold Rush.