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Lacrosse Playing Cards

Prospero Art, Illustrations by Jan Padover Lacrosse Playing Cards

This intriguing deck features illustrations by Jan Padover of Native Americans playing lacrosse.

Garden & Flowers Playing Cards
54 Vintage Seed Packets & Catalogue Illustrations

Prospero Art Garden & Flowers Playing Cards; 54 Vintage Seed Packets & Catalogue Illustrations

Colorful deck features illustrations from late 19th century-early 20th century American seed packets and catalogs.

Native American Playing Cards
55 Portraits by Edward Curtis

Prospero Art Native American Playing Cards; 55 Portraits by Edward Curtis

This stunning deck features 55 of the best images taken by Internationally known ethnologist and photographer Edward Curtis (1868-1952), known as Shadow Catcher, a name bestowed upon him by several tribes.

Mark Twain Playing Cards
55 Quotes by Mark Twain

Prospero Art, Illustrations by Jan Padover Mark Twain Playing Cards

Twain's characters spring to life in this colorful deck of cards. The cards feature watercolored pen and ink drawings of many of the memorable American characters he created.

Chickens Playing Cards
55 Vintage Illustrations

Prospero Art Chickens Playing Cards

This amusing deck features classic illustrations of chickens from old note cards. Includes 35 varieties of birds plus plenty of adorable chicks.

Toker Playing Cards
Every Card a Work of High Art

Prospero Art Toker Playing Cards

Now that pot is legal in California and Colorado, and decriminalized in many other states, it’s time to celebrate/mock (choose one) High Culture. Do so with the colorful and high camp Toker Playing Cards. They have illustrations on every card that tokers and non-tokers alike will find amusing, with some images downright hilarious.

Shakespeare Playing Cards

Prospero Art Shakespeare Playing Cards

These quality playing cards feature splendid full color designs in the style of the Renaissance with a quote on each card, totalling 54 quotes in each deck. The aces, face cards, and jokers use images from old masters such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

Fika/Swedish Pastries Playing Cards

by Prospero Art; art by Jan Padover Fika/Swedish Pastries Playing Cards

In Sweden, fika is a term for the coffee ritual that includes the pastries and sweets that are typically served with the beverage.

Posada Playing Cards
Every Card a Work of Art

Prospero Art Posada Playing Cards

Celebrates the distinctive art of Jose Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913), the Mexican political artist whose work has influenced many with its satirical use of skulls and bones to make political and cultural critiques.

Jane Austen Playing Cards

Prospero Art Jane Austen Playing Cards

These attractive cards, evocative of Austen’s times, have one suit dedicated to each of her most famous works: hearts have images and quotes from Pride and Prejudice, clubs portray Emma, diamonds show Sense and Sensibility, and and spades represent Persuasion.

Nutcracker Ballet Playing Cards

Prospero Art Nutcracker Ballet Playing Cards

The cards feature evocative portraits of all the major Nutcracker characters: Fritz, Drosselmeyer, the Mouse King, the Snow Queen, the Snow King, the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Dew Drop Queen, the Dancing Bear, and the other colorful characters from Tchaikovsky's most memorable ballet.

Wagner’s Ring Playing Cards
Ring of the Nibelungen

with 55 color illustrations by Arthur Rackham Wagner’s Ring Playing Cards

Each of the 55 cards in the deck has a full size Rackham illustration of this Wagner work, with captions describing the characters and scene, such as "Siegfried crosses the fire and reaches Brunhilde,"

Old Testament Playing Cards

Prospero Art Old Testament Playing Cards

You will find a bible quote on every card, all carefully selected from the Old Testament. Face cards include images from classic art.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
 Advent Calendar

Prospero Art Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
 Advent Calendar

Celebrate the Christmas season, Charles Dickens, and A Christmas Carol. The snow covered streets of 19th Century London sparkle. Discover the characters beginning December 1st when you open the first Advent Window. You’ll find another friend or gift behind each window until Christmas.

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

Created by Jan Padover & Rick Ellis
with the original John Tenniel illustrations Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

Every card features a quote from Lewis Carroll's original Alice in Wonderland tale or his companion book, Through the Looking-Glass, with the full-color artwork of famous English illustrator Sir John Tenniel as featured in the classic original edition.