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Books and maps tagged “novel”

Under the Table Books
A Novel of Stories

Todd Walton Under the Table Books

Under the Table Books is both community center and grand experiment in pragmatic mysticism. The cast includes poets, musicians, a former movie star, and a homeless savant who may have once been the richest man on earth.

A Novel

Matt Ritter Rainwalkers

This tense and compelling dystopian novel immerses the reader in a profoundly disquieting, near-future world where the weather is deadly.

The Spirit of the River

Diane McCarthy The Spirit of the River

The foothills and rivers of California's Sierra Nevada are the backdrop for this suspenseful novel. The novel unfolds as a compelling legal drama, but at its core is a love story full of passion and grace.

The Last Great Auk
A Novel

Allan W. Eckert The Last Great Auk

The protagonist of this novel is heroic, majestic, a born leader, a devoted husband and proud father. He is destined to be remembered by whoever reads about his life. He is a great auk.

On Kelsey Creek: A Novel

Phyllis Whetstone Taper On Kelsey Creek: A Novel

With her first novel published at age 90, Taper vividly illuminates the thoughts, feelings, and hearts of her characters lives in the summer of 1927 in Lake County, California.