Explore Idaho with Books and Maps from Bored Feet Press

Land Mammals of the Rockies & the Pacific Northwest

Written & Illustrated by Fiona A. Reid

Guide covers 56 mammals, both large and small, found in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. It includes bats, moles, rabbits, as well as the large mammals of the region.

Sibley’s Ducks, Geese, & Swans of Western North America

Written & Illustrated by David Allen Sibley

Covers 46 waterbirds: dabbling ducks, diving ducks, geese, plus swan and other domestic waterfowl.

WineTrails of Idaho
A Guide for Uncorking your Memorable Wine Tour

Steve Roberts

This new guide offers the most comprehensive look at the wineries of Idaho, the Gem State. It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s thorough. The handy guide groups all Idaho wineries open to the public.

Freshwater Fishes of the Rocky Mountain Region

Text by Robert G. Werner

Covers 52 species commonly found in lakes, streams, and rivers: game fish, panfish, and bait species. With edibility index and preferred bait.

Grand Teton National Park Photographer's Map & Guide

Earthwalk Press

This great new reference for both digital and film photographers features a shaded relief map of the park, 50 key photo points and 82 color photographs keyed to the map.

Sawtooth Wilderness—Hiking Map and Guide

Earthwalk Press

The only comprehensive topo map on the Sawtooth Wilderness. This 5-color map combines 26 7.5-minute quads, covering the entire wilderness and all access areas.

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