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What Is Funny?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff Day
What Is Funny?a childrens book by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff DayWhat Is Funny? addresses the subject of sensitivity and awareness in children’s humor. Teasing, taunting and laughing at others lead to bullying and aggression. The book addresses a very important concern of today’s educators in an amusing manner with serious subtext.

Asking what it is that qualifies as being truly funny, the various subtleties of this basic human activity are investigated. Suggestions are made for the child to embrace compassion, understanding and acceptance as a response to some of the more perplexing daily social realities confronted.

"A thoughtful book which will help children begin to frame an understanding of humor. What Is Funny? is a way of tickling yourself that actually makes you laugh."
~ Tad Friend, New Yorker magazine

"The perfect book to explain to kids why humor can heal and help, and why it should not be used to hurt and harm. In a world where laughter may be the one common link that binds us all, this book is a valuable and fun teaching tool."
~ Jon Macks, author of How to Be Funny, writer, Jay Leno Tonight Show

40 pages, 8" x 10", full-color cover and insides, 2004. Published by Veronica Lane Books.
ISBN 978-0-9637597-8-8 trade paper

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