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What Is Beautiful?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Nancy Forrest
What Is Beautiful? a childrens book by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Nancy Forrest

This warm and inviting book provides children with ways to explore the underlying ideas of what constitutes true beauty. With issues of self-esteem and peer pressures inside and outside school leading children toward self-abuse, this book conveys a deeper understanding of inner values, as opposed to media hype.

Encouraging kids to consider what makes a person truly beautiful—qualities such as tolerance, generosity, bravery, and peacefulness—What Is Beautiful? is a useful tool in giving children a sense of identity and worth.

"...a guide to seeing the beauty in being alive, in the unexpected and in ourselves... at once both serious and hopeful; a book that imagines kindness to be the most beautiful thing of all."
~ Robert Myers, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Magazine

"...provides a healthy antidote as well as a way for parents and teachers to help children learn to critique the worst aspects of our appearance-based culture."
~ Joan Jacobs Brumberg, author of†The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls

40 pages, 8" x 10", full-color cover and insides, 2002. Published by Veronica Lane Books.
ISBN 978-0-9637597-7-1 trade paper

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