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The Mount Whitney Guide
30 Years on the Mountain
A Comprehensive Trail Guide
Third Edition

Doug Thompson with Elisabeth Newbold
The Mount Whitney Guide; 30 Years on the Mountain; A Comprehensive Trail Guide; 3rd Ed. by Doug Thompson with Elisabeth Newbold

This greatly updated and enhanced Third Edition of this informative guide was created by people who live on, work, and love the mountain. It contains a detailed, step-by-step Trail Guide and much more. Includes a long list of FAQs, based on hikers' questions over the years. Chapters include The Big One in One Day, bears and other animals, The Mountaineer's Route, Your Success Factors, Moonlight Hiking, staying safe, and information on the area. Find advice on where to camp, water stops, altitude sickness, weather, what to bring, and most importantly, how to have the best experience. Based on the author's 30 years running the Whitney Portal Store at the trailhead, climbing the mountain "a couple of times," and helping countless people enjoy the Wilderness.

2019, 274 pages, 5.25" x 8.375", full color cover, bibliography, list of flowers, list of birds. Published by Westwind Publishing Co.
ISBN 978-0-9653596-9-6 trade paper

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