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What Character Is That?, 2nd edition
An Easy-Access Dictionary of 5,000 Chinese Characters

by Ping-gam Go
What Character Is That?, 2nd edition	by Ping-gam Go & Easy-Access Dictionary of Chinese Characters			New to Bored Feet

It’s a Chinese dictionary for the Western mind. Most Chinese dictionaries sort by the complexity of the character, that is, by the number of strokes in the character. The unique feature of this dictionary is its arrangement: first by the English word of the character’s root or “radical,” and then by the number of strokes.

This simple rearrangement dramatically narrows the field of search for any given character. The dictionary teaches how to identify the radical and also provides its etymology to help you memorize it.

512 pages, 5-¼" x 8-3/8", full-color cover. Published 1995 by Simplex Publications. ISBN 978-0-9623113-5-2. trade paper

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