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Warrior Mothers
Stories To Awaken The Flames Of The Heart

Thaïs Mazur
Warrior Mothers: Stories To Awaken The Flames Of The Heart by Thaïs MazurWarrior Mothers points the way to discovering our ability to make a difference in the world, to create a world without violence, hunger or hatred... a world that supports life rather than destroys it. Twenty-four women from all walks of life offer their personal stories to inspire and awaken readers from apathy and despair to a call for action. Armed with passion, a fierce protective nature and the undeniable wisdom of the ages, these women change the world—one person, one block, one cause, one city at a time. Each woman's story affirms humanity's capacity to make changes and supports the dream that a better future is possible.

The 24 women include the well known, like China Galland, Frances Moore Lappé, Helen Caldicott, and actress Sherry Glaser, plus many local heroes like Els Cooperrider, who led the Mendocino County movement that banned genetically modified organisms, and Marsha Green, who has led the fight against the Navy's Low Frequency Active Sonar testing which kills thousands of marine mammals worldwide. Other activists discuss their work against chemical polluters, depleted uranium, toxics incineration, child abuse, and war, while others share their work to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the remaining redwoods.

The resulting book provides a compelling read that is inspiring, thought-provoking, and action-invoking.

224 pages, 6" x 9", full-color cover, 26 photographs, bibliographic footnotes. Published by Rising Star Press. ISBN 0-933670-11-7 trade paper

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"Warrior Mothers is an inspiring book that will help awaken the fierce, life-loving energy in all of us."

"A vivid signpost, pointing to some of the ways in which today's women can make a much-needed difference."
      ~Barbara G. Walker, author of The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets


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