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Vineyard Simple
How to Build and Maintain Your Own Small Vineyard

Tom Powers
Vineyard Simple--How to Build and Maintain Your Own Small Vineyard by Tom Powers

Finally a book that makes home vineyard planting and wine grape growing accessible to anyone with even a little spare land. Since the author's business helps people plant small-scale vineyards and solve grape-growing problems, he has created a how-to book filled with valuable information for the novice viticulturist.

In 16 chapters and an extensive appendix, Powers presents the clear and up-to-date information home grape growers need to get started and produce successful grape harvests. He also shares the advantages of grapevines as landscaping: low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, wine production and more. He also points out that vineyards cost less and require less water than standard landscaping.

120 pages, 8" x 10-¾", full-color cover, 38 color photographs, 3 black and white photographs, 67 other illustrations, 11 tables, map, glossary, supporting website, list of sources, recommended grapes for US regions. ISBN 0-9717660-0-

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