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Under the Table Books
A Novel of Stories

Todd Walton
Under the Table Books by Todd Walton

Haven to a goodly gang of social outcasts, visionaries, and highly original artists, Under the Table Books is both community center and grand experiment in pragmatic mysticism. The cast includes poets, musicians, master chefs, a ten-year-old genius, a former movie star, eighty-eight-year-old identical twins, and a homeless savant who may have once been the richest man on earth.

“If Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Lewis Carroll created a bookstore together, the place might very well resemble Under The Table Books. Todd Walton takes you on a whimsical, lovingly detailed tour of a universe that is equal parts bookstore and state of mind; a literary counter cultural version of the StarWars bar, peopled with one-of-a-kind characters lucky enough to have found each other.”
— Merrill Markoe, author of Walking In Circles Before Lying Down

“Embellished with the author's beguiling drawings, these stories add up to one great big story that knocked me out.
” — Bruce Anderson, The Anderson Valley Advertiser

“A splendid novel of great and magical stories.”
— Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Hidden Life of Dogs

2009, 436 pages, 6" x 9," handsome casebound edition, 82 pen & ink illustrations by the author. Published by Under the Table Books.
ISBN 978-1-935448-02-0 hardcover.

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