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On the Road with Mark Twain in California and Nevada
New Revised Edition

George J. Williams III
On the Road with Mark Twain in California and Nevada by George J. Williams III

Although Americans usually associate Mark Twain with the Mississippi River, Samuel Clemens began his serious writing career as a reporter in Virginia City, Nevada in 1862, when he adopted his pen name. Two years later he moved to San Francisco to become a reporter for the Morning Call, lasting barely six months before he went broke and moved to Calaveras County. His report of the local jumping frog contest became his first book.

This book details what is known of Twain’s years in the West, providing details of his stay in each of more than two dozen towns he lived in and visited. Filled with fascinating details and rare photos, this book also tells visitors what they will find in these towns today.

2011, 136 pages, 8-½” x 11”, 3-color cover, 98 black & white photographs, 2 maps, chronology of Twain’s Western years, bibliography, index.
 Published by Trees By The River Publishing Trust.
ISBN 978-0-935174-70-0 trade paper

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“Mark Twain spent nearly five and a half years in Nevada and California between August 1861 and July 1868. He arrived as a twenty-five year old unemployed steamboat pilot and left as a popular writer and celebrity.” - from On the Road with Mark Twain in California and Nevada

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