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Sonoma Picnic
A California Wine Country Travel Companion

Jack Burton
Sonoma Picnic; 	A California Wine Country Travel Companion by Jack Burton

The author takes readers on rambles through the gorgeous rolling hills and twisting valleys of Sonoma County's famed wine country. This handy book leads visitors and locals alike to diverse outdoor feasts, from shopping in neighborhood food shops and farmers markets to exploring the back roads to finding the best wineries for tastings and picnics, or finding that classic unforgettable spot you might have all to yourself.

Includes menus, recipes, invaluable picnicking tips, diversions, the rules of bocce ball and pétanque, and tales of legendary revels, and it fits in your hip pocket.

From the back cover:

Sonoma Picnic guides you on your own rambles or romps around the gorgeous rolling hills, sheltered valleys, and dramatic coast of Sonoma County's famed wine country. Jack Burton leads you to your picnic feasts with humor, savvy and panache, giving you an entertaining leg up on your travels. Sonoma Picnic provides all the information you need for planning a holiday in this most scenic and tasty corner of California.

Sonoma Picnic includes:

JACK BURTON lives with his wife and picnic partner Janette in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California. He was born in 1951 and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Jack was inspired early in life by the time-softened Depression-era tales his father told of hoboing around the country, and by his mother's abiding faith in the concept of working for money.

Jack's goal in these pages is to share his enjoyment of the places, foods and flavors of his new home in northern California's celebrated wine country.

168 pages, 4" x 9", two-color cover, maps, photographs, illustrations, index, 2000. ISBN 0-939431-22-X. trade paper

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The Table of Contents:

Preface    7

1: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Map: Sonoma County   15
About the Weather and Seasons   16
Where to Stay   16
Camping   17

2: The Traveling Picnicker   9

Picnic Paraphernalia   19
Bicycle Touring    21
Motorcycle Touring   23

3: Shopping for Your Picnic 25

Bread and Bakers   25
Cheese Makers   27
Old-Time Religion   31
Farm-Fresh Produce    33
FarmersMarkets   34
Olives and Olive Oil   36
Seafood   36
Picnic Meats and Poultry    39
Healdsburg Shopping   41
Sebastopol Shopping   42
Russian River Shopping: Forestville, Guerneville and Monte Rio   43
The Coast, Bodega Bay and Occidental Shopping   44
Our Rural General Stores    46

4: Picnic Menus

Spring Vegetable Feast    47
Slice of Life and a Piece of Pie Picnic   48
Summer Salad Picnic   49
Ends of the Earth Picnic #1    49
Ends of the Earth Picnic #2    50
Day at the Beach Picnic with the Kids   51
Three Cheese Picnic   52
Harvest Time Picnic   53

5: Recipes for Travelers   55

Sauces and Dips   55
Salads    58
Sandwich Suggestions    62
Extras   63
Recipe Tips for Traveling Light   65

6: Great Picnic Places: Wineries and Roadside Stops    67

Winery Etiquette    67
Map: West County with wine appellations   68
Healdsburg   69
Alexander Valley   72
Dry Creek Valley and Lake Sonoma    72
Rules to the Game of Bocce   77
Russian River and Green Valley   78
Three Roads to the Coast   80
Destination Tomales Bay   80
Destination Bodega Bay via Occidental   82
Destination Bodega Bay via Jenner   84
North Sonoma Coast   86
Horses and Hoys Run    92

7: Dining Out

Healdsburg, Geyserville and Cloverdale   95
Russian River   97
Occidental and the Coast   98

8: Sonoma Valley: Exploring the East County

Map: East County with wine appellations   102
Getting There   103
Where to Stay   103
Almost Paris   104
Camping   105
Sonoma Valley Picnic Shopping   106
Great East County Picnic Places
Wineries and Roadside Stops    109
Sonoma Area   112
Hello & Goodbye    115
Dining Out in the East County   119
After Dinner   120

9: Activities & Diversions   121

Best Places to Browse and Shop    121
Sonoma County Book Shops   122
Favorite Pubs, Lounges & Hideaways    125
The Simple Twists of Fate    128
Surf Scene, Windsurfing   131
Canoes & Kayaks, Ocean Fishing Adventures    132
Abalone Diving   133
In the Spirit: Area Churches & Sacred Places    133
In Touch: Spa and Massage   134
Local Radio Guide    136
Calendar of Events   137

10: Heading ln/Heading Out   43

San Francisco and the Bay Area   143
Marin County   143
Mendocino County   144
Lake County   144
Napa County   144
Sonoma County   145

Appendices 147

Getting Here/Mode of Travel   147
Where to Stay: Lodging by Area    150
Where to Stay: Camping   154
Suggested Reading    156
Web Guide andSuggested Browsing   157
Guide to Local Newspapers   160
Your Trip Plan   162
Your Personal Trip Itinerary and Phone Numbers   163

Index   164

About Bored Feet   168


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