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California Wine Country
South Central Coast

Photography by William G. Hartshorn
California Wine Country: South Central Coast by Photography by William G. Hartshorn

California's South Central Coast, from San Miguel to Santa Barbara, boasts more than 200 wineries and vineywards, plus many inns, hotels, and restaurants. This book is filled with lush color photography of the vineyards, wineries, tasting rooms, picturesque towns, and attractions in this gorgeous area. Includes regional wine maps, wine-making info, and nearby attractions like Hearst Castle, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Cambria, Ojai, and Solvang, plus off-the-beaten-track recreational areas like Nipomo Dunes. Includes the Missions.

New to Bored Feet.

Originally published at $19.95

96 pages, 7.75” x 10.25”, full-color cover, 189 color photographs, 3 color maps, 2006. Published by Global Graphics.

ISBN 978-0918505-75-0. Trade paper.

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