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Sierra Birds: A Hiker's Guide

Written & Illustrated by John Muir Laws
Sierra Birds: A Hiker's Guide by Written & Illustrated by John Muir Laws

The Sierra Nevada is alive with flapping, soaring hopping, perching, swooping, twittering squawking and hooting bird life, from the mountain quail and great gray owl to the seemingly indistinguishable small brown birds.

This book is a brilliantly illustrated, thoroughly annotated, and uniquely arranged guide that anyone — with or without formal training — can use to identify birds in the Sierra Nevada, from Lassen National Forest in the north through Sequoia National Park in the south. And it fits in your hip pocket!

64 pages, 4-¾" x 8-¾", full-color printing on glossy paper, durable binding, more than 500 color illustrations, index of common names, 2004. Published by Heyday Books with assistance from the California Academy of Sciences.
ISBN 978-1-890771-78-2
trade paper with durable binding

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