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Photographing Nature in Alaska

Robert H. Armstrong
Photographing Nature in Alaska by Robert H. Armstrong

Bob Armstrong has been photographing nature in Alaska for 50 years, both professionally and for his own enjoyment. In this book he shares a broad variety of techniques he has used, strategies for capturing great nature images, hints for different types of photographs, and ways to use your resulting photos. While most of the nature presented in the hundreds of photos he shares in the book were taken in Alaska (with a few as far flung as Hawaii and Australia), the techniques and tips provided in the book are generally useful for photographing nature in any location.

Techniques covered include Digiscoping (shooting with a digital camera through a spotting scope), macro and super macro, remote triggering devices, using a blind, using calls and decoys, shooting in an aquarium, and using an insect flight box.

The book has a wide variety of remarkable color photographs to inspire its readers: a nesting black oystercatcher, a swallow about catch an insect in flight, a pine siskin landing on a squirrel, a marbled murrelet chick in its nest, and two marmots kissing, for example.

Whether you’ll be travelling in Alaska and want to capture strong images of its remarkable and abundant nature, or simply want to improve your nature photography in your own backyard, you will find the ideas in this handsome book well worth the cover price.

2010, 160 pages, 8.5" x 11", full color cover, 205 color photographs, 1 other color illustration. Published by Nature Alaska. ISBN 978-1-57833-476-6. trade paper

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