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The Painter Lady
Grace Carpenter Hudson

Searles R. Boynton
The Painter Lady by Searles R. Boynton

This hardbound coffee table style book chronicles the life of Grace Carpenter Hudson (1865-1937), the acclaimed artist famous for her images of the Pomo people. For more than 40 years Hudson (daughter of Aurelius Carpenter, see above) painted the legends and traditions of the Pomo Indian tribe.

The first part of the book is a biography of Grace Hudson. It begins with her family history and early years, then details her art education, with the rest of the text describing her career and travels. The second half of the book has large images of her 78 most famous works, then concludes with a listing of all her paintings in numerical order along with small images of the ones that have survived.

It is an excellent biography of a masterly woman painter and a must have for any fine art collector.

200 pages, 10¼" x 13¼", full-color dust jacket, gold-foil-stamped cloth binding, 41 large color and 37 large black & white illustrations of Hudson's most famed paintings,  65 small black& white illustrations of Hudson's early work, 17 black& white photographs, plus 619 small black & white numbered images of Hudson's 685 known paintings, index, 1978.
ISBN 978-0-915580-04-0 cloth

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