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The Other Side
On the Road in South America

Tom Reed
The Other Side; On the Road in South America by Tom Reed

Veteran traveler and wilderness photographer Reed sets out in search of a new home in South America, his imagined paradise, having become deeply discontented by the state of the Union during G. W. Bush's presidency. He chooses Chile, a place he hopes is the utopian opposite of his beloved California coast.

Armed with a backpack full of hiking gear, a sharp eye, a bold pen, and an iPod that plays an inspiring soundtrack. Reed explores the wild landscapes, diverse people, and fascinating cultures of southern Chile and Argentina while embarking on an unflinchingly honest journey to examine his own beliefs, yearnings, and experience. His wide-ranging odyssey takes him on buses, boats and trails through cities and towns, remote villages and pristine forests, to mountain camps and surfers' beaches, where love affairs and politics, philosophy and ecology, religion and lost cameras all merge into a life-changing, mind-altering adventure. From the summits of high Andean peaks to the depths of his most personal thoughts and spiritual ideals, Reed seeks to discover what it means to be at home in the world, and in your own skin.

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“I consider your eye for beauty masterful. Thanks for capturing the spirit of a Zen Ansel Adams for our generation.”
— a reader

400 pages, 4 3/4" x 7". Published by Wild Coast Media. ISBN 978-0-615- 49050-2. Trade paper

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