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Nature's Dirty Needle
What You Need to Know about Chronic Lyme Disease and How to Get Help to Feel Better

by Mara Williams, RN, MSN, ANP-BC
Foreword by Neil Nathan, M.D.
Nature's Dirty Needle; What You Need to Know about Chronic Lyme Disease and How to Get Help to Feel Better by by Mara Williams, RN, MSN, ANP-BC<br>Foreword by Neil Nathan, M.D.

This concise and clearly written book describes Chronic Lyme Disease, the different co-infections, what the symptoms are, how to recognize them, and finally, how best to get help. Personal stories of those who have dealt with these infections tell of finding the right health care provider, getting the correct diagnosis, then proper treatment. Also describes the politics surrounding the infections, and the lack of support and poor information from the current health care system.

Nature's Dirty Needle includes a symptom check list to help the reader understand that chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are symptoms, not diagnoses, and that, if one is having odd symptoms, they are not all in one's head. To the contrary, you are not crazy, but may have been bitten by a tick!

2011, 140 pages, 5-½" x 8-½", full-color cover, bibliography. Published by Bush Street Press.
ISBN 978-1-937445-09-6. trade paper

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From Chapter One:

“The current health care system is broken and is beyond repair. It is driven by profit and controlled by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Millions of people are marginalized, forgotten, and left without the ability to live productive lives. Approximately one-third of the US population is without health insurance . . . It is left up to families to care for those who are abandoned by the system, further depleting resources and creating a huge impact on the economy. There is an epidemic sweeping the world that is denied by the Western Health Care System: Chronic Lyme Disease and its co-infections . . . On the average, someone with Chronic Lyme Disease sees thirty providers before finding one that understands their problems.”

From Chapter Two:

“The Center for Disease Control criteria for Lyme Disease misses 90% of Lyme infections. Chronic Lyme Disease is a worldwide epidemic. It is the fastest growing and most prevalent insect-borne infection in the US. . . . About 65% of people bitten by a tick do not know it.”

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