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Napa Valley Picnic
A California Wine Country Travel Companion

Jack Burton and Ken Stanton
Napa Valley Picnic—A California Wine Country Travel Companion by Jack Burton and Ken Stanton

This insider’s guide to the famous, much visited center of the California Wine Country highlights the best that Napa Valley has to offer.

From shopping for picnic supplies in local food shops and farmers markets to exploring the back roads and parks to finding the best wineries for tastings and picnics, 20-year Napa Valley resident and grape grower Stanton and chef and series creator Burton lead readers through the crowds to the hidden gems of this gorgeous region. They not only suggest where to go, but also provide critical comments on their choices.

The book also features great picnic recipes and tips, local lore, other diversions (shopping, hot springs resorts, museums and other tourist attractions, ballooning, hiking, cycling, climbing, etc.) a chapter on where to dine, Burton’s quirky and evocative stories, and critical reviews of movies shot among the vineyards.

168 pages, 4" x 9", full-color cover, maps, photographs, illustrations, index.
ISBN 0-939431-26-2. trade paper

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