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Great Day Hikes in and around Napa Valley
Third Edition

Ken Stanton
Hiking Napa Valley by Ken Stanton

Ken has been hard at work revising, updating and expanding his essential guide to Napa County and vicinity hiking. The new edition of the book is now in the final stages of editing, production and printing. You can reserve one of the very first copies by ordering now, or you can wait until the expected September 15th release date. Either way you will certainly want to have this greatly expanded and updated edition.

Ken has added 48 pages of new text, with abundant new history and new hikes. New hikes include: The big new Lynch Canyon/Newell Open Space, the Aetna Springs (east) end of the Oat Hill Mine Trail (recently opened to the public), greatly expanded coverage of Cedar Roughs, new sections of the Napa River Trail including the River to Ridge Trail, the Napa/Solano Ridge Trail, hikes in the Knoxville Wildlife Area, Mt. Hood Regional Park (including the new Johnson Addition off Pythian Road), plus new hikes at Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (McCormick Ranch Addition), and Blue Ridge.

Ken has combined all these new hikes with updated reports on Napa's classic hikes to bring you a greatly expanded trail guide, with a new emphasis on where you can hike with your dog.

Ken Stanton and his excellent book were recently featured in a New York Times article by Kermit Pattison:

“Napa offers a rare pairing of wine and wilderness. The climate and topography that make the region so ripe for viticulture also have created misty forests, petrified trees, striking rock formations and peaks with sweeping views of the vineyards. 'The hiking in Napa Valley is phenomenal, said Ken Stanton... 'There are places that still look like they did a hundred years ago'”
New York Times, June 8, 2007

"The valley offers outstanding hiking. Reading these engrossing descriptions makes you feel as if you're on a guided tour."

176 pages, 5-½" x 8", full-color cover, 33 photographs, 18 maps, bibliography, index, 2001.
ISBN 0-939431-23-8. trade paper

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