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The Murders at Convict Lake

George Williams III
Illustrations by Dave Comstock
The Murders at Convict Lake by George Williams III <br> Illustrations by Dave Comstock

Convict Lake sits below majestic Eastern Sierra peaks, serene and inviting today. But in 1871 a terrible shootout occurred there between escaped convicts and a posse, leaving several men dead and wounded. That year 29 convicts broke out of prison in Carson City. Six of them fled more than 200 miles south into Inyo County, pledging to kill anyone who got in their way. When they were cornered at Convict Lake, they killed several posse members, then fled to Bishop. There three of them were captured and two were lynched. Williams tells the gruesome story of the escape, man hunt and murders based on news accounts of the day.

2013, 6” x 9”, color cover, 15 black & white photographs, 9 drawings, 1 map.Published by Trees by the River Trust.
ISBN 978-0-935174-11-3, paper.

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