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The Mindful Hiker
On The Trail To Find The Path

Stephen Altschuler
The Mindful Hiker by Stephen Altschuler On The Trail To Find The Path

So often we are drawn to nature for solace and peace during challenging times in our lives. Walking along our favorite trail or paddling a canoe or kayak, we begin to "see" more clearly and gain a better perspective of our situation. Altschuler believes that solitude in nature is the way to confront the tests of life by observing how even the smallest forms of life survive the threats of harsh winter, predators and, yes, humans.

The author, who discovered his own spiritual path through an insightful relationship with nature, leads readers on a walk along the trails of Point Reyes National Seashore. Each chapter guides the reader toward the discovery of his/her own path, where one can grow and connect with nature, and find inner strength to face today's challenges.

"I love this book. I savored each sentence like a sip of rare wine. The Mindful Hiker is a remarkable journey into the inner realms of nature..."
~Denise Linn, author of Sacred Space

192 pages, 5" x 7-¼", full-color cover, 9 photographs, 4 maps. Published by DeVorss Publications. ISBN 0875167977. trade paper

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