Field Guide to Manzanitas
California, North America, and Mexico

Michael Kauffmann, Tom Parker and Michael Vasey; Photographs by Jeff Bisbee

Manzanitas are the “rock stars” of woody shrub diversity in California, with dozens of species growing in a wide range of habitats in the California Floristic Province. They also grow in 13 other western states and Baja California, with at least one species occurring in 19 other states. With this book’s guidance, a wealth of manzanita species and subspecies can be found in an astonishing array of environments. Includes 24 places in California and four in Baja to visit to explore manzanita diversity.

This ground-breaking field guide covers 104 of the 105 taxa (species and subspecies) of Arctostaphylos. For each species, the book features from one to five color photos, an accurate, detailed range map, and a description. Innovative regional keys aid identification for each of seven regions. Most impressive are the spectacular color photos of manzanita’s diversity.

“...[A] magnificent achievement... beautiful, imaginative, and an important contribution to our understanding of the California flora. It will now be the definitive guide to manzanitas, and the new standard by which other field guides are judged.“
& Matt Ritter, author of Californian’s Guide to the Trees Among Us

May 2015, 170 pages, full color cover, 5.5” x 8.5”, 368 color photographs, 4 black & white photographs, 95 range and other maps, 12 botanical illustrations, list of species by California county, Baja California and other states and countries; glossary, suggested reading. Published by Backcountry Press.
ISBN 978-1-941624-02-9 trade paper



Field Guide to Manzanitas: California, North America, and Mexico Michael Kauffmann,  Tom Parker and Michael Vasey; Photographs by Jeff Bisbee inside image

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