and All the Letters A to Z

Howard Schrager; Illustrations by Bruce Bischof

This imaginative approach to the alphabet and formal language learning for primary school 末 and younger 末 age kids encourages learning through the exploration of sound and form. Written and illustrated by Waldorf educators Schrager and Bischof, this self published book has sold more than 6000 copies.

Each letter exhibits a unique and engaging personality which children delight in relating to. Inviting illustrations embody the shape of each letter, providing rich images that suggest voyages and journeys. The soft "shaded-drawing" technique inspires each child’s personal creativity.The verses are fun and easy to learn. Rich in phonic content, they provide a strong foundation for a child’s formal language learning. The diversity of rhythms and rhymes, much like those in Mother Goose, stimulates a life-long love of learning.

Includes a four-page guide on how the book can be used as a resource or teaching tool.

64 pages, 8.5" x 11", full-color cover, 26 full-color full-page illustrations, 2000. Published by LemonTree Press.
ISBN 978-0-9644846-0-3. Hardcover



LMNOP Howard Schrager; Illustrations by Bruce Bischof inside image

"My nephew is one of those children who can never sit still. Yet, amidst the chaos of Christmas morning present opening, he sat and read LMNOP from cover to cover."
末 a satisfied aunt

"I’ve seen many alphabets in my 22 years of teaching, but LMNOP takes it to a new level."
末 Pola Espinoza, Master Teacher Consultant, Pajaro Unified School District


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