Living with the Changing California Coast

Gary Griggs, Kiki Patsch & Lauret Savoy

The multitude of people who live near California's dynamic coastline often have little awareness of the hazards waves, tides, wind, storms, rain, and runoff that erode and impact the coast, claiming property on a regular basis. This up-to-date, authoritative, and easy-to-use book, a geological profile of the California coast from Mexico to the Oregon border, describes the landforms and processes that shape the coastline and beaches, documents how erosion has affected development, and discusses the options available for dealing with coastal hazards and geologic instability.

With its dramatic photographs and mile-by-mile maps, Living with the Changing California Coast, a completely revised and updated edition of the 1985 book Living with the California Coast, now features hundreds of new photographs and the latest data on climate change, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and coastal protection.

November 2005, 552 pages, 6" x 9", many black & white photographs and detailed maps and graphs, bibliography, index. Published by UC Press.
ISBN 978-0-520-24447-4. Trade paper




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