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A Little Zen for Little Ones

Sanjay Nambiar
Maybe; A Little Zen for Little Ones by Sanjay Nambiar

Based on an ancient and beloved Zen fable, this story is about a wise girl who experiences a series of events that at first seem lucky (or unlucky), but then turn out to be quite the opposite. A bike disappears, but then she gets a new one. She hurts herself, but then she enjoys a nice day at home. For each incident, was what happened good luck? Maybe. Was it bad luck? Maybe. Or perhaps the girl simply does not get caught up in the emotions of the moment, because she can never know what that event might lead to, good or bad.

A Little Zen for Little Ones puts classic and new Zen stories in an accessible context for today's kids. These revered tales provide a little perspective on what's truly important, on how personal balance and peace can manifest in everyday life.

2011, 36 pages, 9" x 9", hardcover with full-color dust jacket and insides. Published by Umiya Publishing.
ISBN 978-0-9838243-0-5. hardcover

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