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All the Way to Lincoln Way
A Coast to Coast Bicycle Odyssey

Bill Roe
All the Way to Lincoln Way: A Coast to Coast Bicycle Odyssey by Bill Roe

In this handsome book Roe describes his 3300-mile bicycle journey from San Francisco to New York. Roe's attempt to follow the Lincoln Highway makes his tale compelling. Seeking America's first coast-to-coast road, built in 1915 to bring people to San Francisco's PanamaPacific Exposition, he rides historic sections and finds its landmarks.

Elsewhere he must follow Interstates (little as possible), Pony Express routes, the California and Mormon trails and other renowned routes. His trials, triumphs and tales of people he meets mingle with vignettes on the history of transportation in America— a fascinating read reinforced by historic and trip photos.

192 pages, 10" x 8", full-color cover, map, 40 color photographs, 235 b/w photographs, bibliography, 2000. Published by Rowhouse Publishing.
ISBN 0-9703188-0-4. trade paper

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