Humble Work & Mad Wanderings
Street Life in the Machine Age

by Ken Appollo

Simple trades between maker and user continued well beyond the advent of consuming masses in highly organized urban settings. This book bears witness to the community of the street where neighbor knew neighbor, where the village cared for its less functional members, and where entertainment might erupt any time just outside the door.

The dancing bear and the organ grinder, the religious zealot and the ragpicker, all found places on the street, traveling through villages, towns and cities, selling a little something in the marketplace of the humble.

Ken Appollo, a well-known photo historian, comments on the images in his own poetic, philosophical, and wonderfully quirky style. What emerges is a moving social documentary about poverty on the streets, police and power, and middle-class attitudes toward the destitute.

“A beautiful, brilliant, and unique book. There has never been anything like it.”
~ John Wood, Professor of Photographic History,
McNeese University

Winner of the 1998 Ben Franklin Award for Photography/Art Books

108 pages, 7" x 9-½" Fully illustrated with 61 duotone images
ISBN # 1-887694-03-x   Cloth

Price: 24.95