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The Hiker’s hip pocket Guide to the Humboldt/Del Norte Coast, 3rd Ed.

Bob Lorentzen
The Hiker’s hip pocket Guide to the Humboldt/Del Norte Coast, 3rd Ed. by Bob Lorentzen

Many changes have come to the trails of this spectacular corner of California, the most dramatic coast in our landmark series. We have fully revised, updated and expanded this essential guide to the hikes of Humboldt and Del Norte counties, the majestic land behind the Redwood Curtain.

New trails covered in this Third Edition include Point St. George Headlands and Beaches on the west edge of Crescent City, the venerable Boy Scout Tree Trail of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park (a new favorite!), Trillium Falls Loop and Berry Glen Trail in Redwood National Park near Prairie Creek, the multi-use Hammond Trail in McKinleyville, the multi-use Arcata Ridge Trail between Sunny Brae and Arcata, Eureka’s Hikshari-Elk River Multi-Use Trail, the Elk River Trail past the ghost town of Falk to a corner of the renowned Headwaters Forest, and the gentle trails of Southern Humboldt Community Park.

In addition, we document the many changes to existing trails: rerouted Little Bald Hills Trail, DeMartin Trail, the partial closure of Coastal Drive north of Prairie Creek to vehicles which makes this an even better section of the Coastal Trail, Ossagon Trail, Elk Prairie Loop, the major rerouting of the James Irvine and Miners Ridge trails, Redwood Creek Trail, Agate Beach Trail and Rim Loop at Patrick’s Point, Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Humboldt Redwoods’ vastly improved trail network—Bull Creek Flats/Big Tree Loop, Johnson Camp Trail, Baxter Trail and more, plus major changes at both King Range/Lost Coast—now a designated wilderness area—and Sinkyone Wilderness State Park.

This fully reworked edition also includes many new maps, changes to fees and regulations, updated camping info, and much more. Serious hikers and nature explorers really need to invest in this vastly expanded and updated guide!


This fully revised, completely updated edition was a long time coming! Countless changes have occurred on Humboldt and Del Norte trails and beaches since our 1993 major revision. I’m extremely happy to have this new guide to my favorite coast.

I’ve added over 60 miles of new trails in nine new trail reports and 17 new OTHER SUGGESTIONS. New trails include Crescent City’s Point St. George bluffs and beaches, Jedediah Smith State Park’s gorgeous Boy Scout Tree Trail, Redwood National Park’s lovely Trillium Falls Loop, marvelous Berry Glen Trail, and Lyons Ranch Trails on Bald Hills Road. In McKinleyville, the delightful, multi-use Hammond Trail is complete, though plans are afoot to extend it at both ends. In Arcata, new Arcata Ridge Trail is opening in stages through 2015, and new trails expand options at Arcata Marsh and the Community Forest. Exciting news: Eureka Waterfront Trail moves toward completion, with Hikshari’ Trail along the western bayshore a vast upgrade over the old Hilfiker trail. Southeast of Eureka, I detail the pleasant Elk River to Headwaters Trail, with ghost town Falk and a corner of infamous Headwaters Forest. We’ve expanded coverage of now designated King Range Wilderness Area. A spur trail to a camp and water source have enhanced Chemise Mountain Trail. In Southern Humboldt, I’ve added the pleasantly pastoral trails of Southern Humboldt Community Park.

These new trails join fully updated reports of our original hikes, with many major reroutes like changes on popular James Irvine Trail at Prairie Creek as well as changes on Ossagon, Clintonia and Elk Prairie Trails. In Redwood National Park, big changes include a major reroute on Little Bald Hills Trail, a vastly improved north half of DeMartin Trail, closure to motor vehicles of much of Coastal Drive, with a trail on the closed portion, a big change on Redwood Creek Trail and changes on many other RNP trails. I report trail reroutes at Patrick’s Point State Park and other Trinidad trails. I’ve updated Arcata’s Community Forest with new and rerouted trails there, expanded coverage of Ferndale’s charming Russ Park, and changes on Avenue and the Giants trails. Other big changes at Humboldt Redwoods State Park include our expanded report of rerouted Bull Creek Flats/Big Tree Loop, and major reroutes on Johnson Camp and Baxter Trails. I also updated Sinkyone Wilderness State Park’s New Lost Coast Trail, where a road closure expands hiking options. I summarize changes and improvements on the California Coastal Trail.

Not all changes have been good. In RNP, Footsteps Rock Trail was closed, and in affiliated state park’s many trail camps have been closed or abandoned in state park’s misguided attempts to cut costs. In many parks federal, state and county, cutbacks have made it harder to find park personnel either on the ground or over the phone. In Southern Humboldt, major cutbacks at Benbow Lake SRA caused us to downgrade it to an OTHER SUGGESTION.

Still, most of the changes we report are positive and exciting developments, providing you even more choices to get out and explore the natural beauty of the North Coast. This guide now covers well over 600 miles of trails and beaches to explore, with expanded options for mobility-challenged nature lovers, cyclists, dog owners, equestrians, backpackers, and beachcombers. Get your copy now, so you’ll have at your fingertips all the info you need to explore Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, whether you’re here for a weekend or a lifetime.

264 pages, 4" x 9", full-color cover, 38 maps, 35 illustrations, California Coastal Trail: Becoming a Reality, What Kind of Trail Are you Looking For? (Cross Reference Listing), List of Common & Scientific Names of Plants along the Trails, Bibliography, Index.
ISBN 978-0-939431-39-7 trade paper

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The Hiker’s hip pocket Guide to the Humboldt/Del Norte Coast, 3rd Ed. by Bob Lorentzen inside image

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