The Hiker's hip pocket Guide
to the Mendocino Highlands

by Bob Lorentzenhikers guide to mendocino highlands

Includes trails in the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness and the Snow Mountain Wilderness

This classic covers over 325 miles of trails in 50 inland hikes exploring diverse terrain in six counties. Hikes near Ukiah and Lakeport include Clear Lake State Parks, Cow Mountain Recreation Area, Cache Creek Wildlife Area, Boggs Mountain State Forest, two Nature Conservancy preserves and other natural areas. Longer hikes cover all of Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel and Snow Mountain wilderness areas, with 30 elevation graphs and decriptions of 10 peak climbs. Lots of solitude!

We recently sold out of this title, our favorite Hiker's hip pocket Guide. We are now working on a second edition. Since this book covers more miles of trails than most of our guides, and since many of the trails are extremely remote, we can't yet say when it will be done. But we are working on it. We'll keep you posted. We hope to have the new edition ready by May 2008.

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240 pages, 4" x 9", 21 maps, 37 illustrations, four color pull-out map, index, 1992.
ISBN 0-939431-05-X.   trade paper

The table of contents:


How to Use This Book

The Symbols

The Dangers

The History

The Climate

Get Ready, Get Set, Hike!




Northern Mendocino County

1. Northern California Coast Range Preserve

2. Willits Creek/Gooseberry Loop

3. Little Darby Loop

Lake Mendocino

4. Shakota

5. East Shore

6. Kaweyo Horse

Ukiah Area

7. Low Gap Park Loop

Cow Mountain Recreation Area

8. Mayacmas from Willow Creek

9. Upper Mayacmas

10. Upper Glen Eden from Mendo Rock

11. Fetzer Valley Oaks Garden

Lake County

12. Glen Eden from Scotts Valley

13. Dorn Nature Loop

14. Anderson Marsh

15. Boggs Lake Preserve

16. Hoberg Loop

17. Ball Cap/Road 600/John's Loop

18. Cache Creek Wildlife Area

Mendocino National Forest

19. Bloody Rock/Cold Creek

20. Deafy Glade


Ten Wilderness Commandments

Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness

Waterspout/Ruth Area

21. Bluejay Mine/Red Mountain Loop

22. Ant Point/Four Corners Loop

23. WaterspoutNellowjacket

24. DoeRidge

25. Cutfinger/Long Ridge Loop

West Low Gap

26. Humboldt from West Low Gap

Stuart Gap

27. Pettijohn

28. BlackRockLake

29. Black Rock Mountain

30. Chicago Camp/Devils Hole Ridge

Rat Trap Gap

31. North Yolla Bolly Lake

32. Cold Fork/North Yolla Bolly Mountain

Tomhead Saddle

33. Humboldt from Tomhead

34. South Fork Cottonwood Creek

35. Syd Cabin Ridge/Lazyman Ridge

Ides Cove

36. Ides Cove Loop

37. South Yolla Bolly

38. D Camp/Kingsley Lake Loop

Green Springs

39. Summit via Green Springs

Indian Dick Area

40. Soldier Ridge

41. Indian Dick to Haynes Delight

42. Wrights Ridge

43. Rock Cabin to River

44. Buck Ridge

Ham Pass Area

45. Asa Bean/Hotel Camp

46. TravelersHome

Snow Mountain Wilderness

47. Waterfall/Crooked Tree/North Ridge Loop

48. Bearwallow

49. Bathhouse

50. Summit Springs/Milk Ranch/East Peak Loop


Cross Reference Listing

Handicap Access Trails

Backpack Trails

Mountain Bike Trails

Equestrian Trails

Common & Scientific Names of Plants