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Great Salt Lake
Regional Book of Facts and Exploration
Featuring Area History, Geology, Ecology and Culture

Alan Millard
Great Salt Lake by Alan Millard

This book covers the history, ecology, geology, and culture of the Great Salt Lake Region. Packed with educational information, the book is the result of a summoned request by elementary teachers for State Naturalist/Ranger Millard to put his knowledge conveyed in his educational presentations into book form. Includes volcanic activity, floods, native cultures, pioneers including the Donner Party, the Pony Express, driving of the Golden Spike, salt extraction, ships on the Great Salt Lake, resorts, Bonneville Speedway, Topaz Japanese Internment Camp, the 15 islands, wildlife, more.

2005, 128 pages, 6” x 9”, full-color cover. Published by the author,

ISBN 978-0-9768738-0-8 trade paper

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