I've Been Gone Far Too Long
Field Trip Fiascoes and Expedition Disasters

Edited by Monique Borgerhoff-Mulder and Wendy Logsdon

Here are the stories of 30 research scientists who go off the deep ends of the earth. Travel with a young researcher in Dian Fossey's camp as she is handed a gun and told to go out and shoot a gorilla poacher.

See how a scientist reacts when he discovers a poisonous bushmaster snake in his bidet. From bush pilots and endangered species to Land Rover nightmares, these hair-raising tales will keep readers up past dawn.

A tribute to the courage of intrepid researchers who risk all to bring home the truth, authors are contributing their royalties to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

304 pages, 5" x 8", full-color cover, author biographies, 1996. Published by RDR Books.
ISBN 1-57143-054-7 trade paper



I've Been Gone Far Too Long

In this hilarious follow-up to the national bestseller, I Should Have Stayed Home, 21 biologists and anthropologists delight us with the all too true stories of their worst days and nights in the tropics.

Read their tales and be grateful you aren't along for the ride with...

  • Kelly Stewart when Dian Fossey hands her a Beretta and tells her to go out and look for poachers.
  • Richard Bierregard, Jr. when he finds a bushmaster in the bidet at his Brazilian camp.
  • Truman Young as rock-hopping hyraxes begin unzipping his tent on Mount Kenya.
  • Margaret Symington as her boat and six-month supplies for six people are sinking in Peru's Manu River.
  • James Serpell watching an immense Indonesian cockroach devour the skin of his big toe.
  • Lisa Halko and Marc Hauser as they discover their missing passports are in the hands of the chairman of the Ugandan Resistance Committee.
  • Monica Udvardy driving her Land Rover while a poisonous African stiletto snake crawls over her ankles.
  • Tim Caro as he learns that five months' worth of field research has gone up in flames.
  • Andrew Grieser Johns watching Amazonian researchers barbecuing endangered species.
  • David Bygott and Jeannette Hanty flying low over Africa and reading the altimeter for a landing Cessna pilot who can't see the ground.

These unforgettable stories, says Nigel Barley in his afterword, help "explain why fieldwork, against all good sense, is so habit-forming."

Author royalties from this book are being donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society and Cultural Survival for their conservation, education, science, and human rights programs.


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