Never Get Lost Again!
Help is just around the corner for the directionally challenged

Linda Grekin

More than 25 million people have terrible sense of direction, including Ann Landers, Joan Baez, Beverly Sills, and Ann Arbor librarian Linda Grekin. In this, the first and only book to explain why people have trouble finding their way, Grekin unravels the reasons why people get lost and what they can do about it.

112 pages, 5" x 8", color cover, graphs, exercises, index, 1998.
ISBN 1-57143-069-5 trade paper

This book is no longer available from Bored Feet Press

From the back cover:


There are millions of people out there who can't find their way out of shopping malls or where they parked their car; who turn left out of hotel rooms when they should be turning right; and who plan for days if they are having to drive somewhere they don't know.

I started writing about people with no sense of direction because I am one of those people—and I always wanted to know why. But not having a sense of direction, I discovered, means more than just having trouble finding your way. Lack of a directional sense can play a part in the development of self-esteem and self-confidence. It determines in many ways how people will live their lives. Over and over again, in interview after interview, I have heard people say:

'I thought I was the only one.'

'I thought there was something wrong with me.'

'Everybody makes fun of me.'

'It makes me feel incompetent.'

'I don't tell many people.'

'Even my kids tease me.'

In this groundbreaking book, Linda Grekin has not only produced fascinating research on the subject, she also makes excellent suggestions on how to minimize a problem that afflicts so many of us. The information in this book will help many people to literally expand their world.

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