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Geologic Trips
Sierra Nevada

Ted Konigsmark
Geologic Trips—Sierra Nevada by Ted Konigsmark

If you have ever wondered how the rocks and scenery of the Sierra Nevada were formed, take this geologic guide with you on your next trip. Written for the non-geologist, this detailed guide describes 116 of the best known scenic and geologic attractions in the Sierra.

Vivid descriptions are enhanced by detailed directions, location maps and abundant illustrations. Konigsmark covers the vast area ranging from Mt. Whitney and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park in the south to Nevada City and Sierra Buttes in the north.

This guide will help readers understand the geologic processes that have made the Sierra one of the most beautiful and enjoyed places on earth. The author's lifelong love and study of the Sierra is evident throughout this fascinating and cogent guide.

320 pages, 5½" x 8½", full-color cover, 122 photographs, 27 tables and charts, 92 maps, 22 diagrammatic sketches, glossary, index. Published by GeoPress.
ISBN 0-9661316-5-7 trade paper

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