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Geology Hikes of Northern California
Over 100 Walks and Hikes with a Geologic Point of View

Robin C. Johnson & Dot Lofstrom
Geology Hikes of Northern California by Robin C. Johnson & Dot Lofstrom

Covers the Klamath Mountains, North Coast, Cascades, Modoc Plateau, the Coast Ranges, the Great Valley, and the Sierra Nevada.

Tectonic action of monumental proportions made California one of the most varied geological settings on our planet. Whether or not geology is your passion, this book will open your eyes to the natural world around you.

If you thrill at caves, want to climb a volcano, are awed by the power of time to sculpt stone into natural works of art, and are keen to investigate geysers, bubbling mud pots, lava flows, old mines and more, you’ll find many great adventures in this guide, ranging from family walks on nature trails and guided cave tours to more strenuous mountain trekking.

In addition to geology, the authors include vivid descriptions of the flora, fauna, and history of each trail to enhance the outdoors experience. All hikes are rated for difficulty, and include directions to the trailhead and suggestions for other fun activities.

2018. 300 pages, 5½” x 8½”, full-color cover, photographs, tables and charts, glossary, index. Published by California Venture Books.
ISBN 978-0-692121-119-1 trade paper

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