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When You See Flukes

by Katherine Hocker and Cheryl Cook
Illustrations by Katherine Hocker
When you see flukes

Help kids discover the wonders of humpback whales with this informative, vibrant book, which follows a conversation between a mother and her child as they search the ocean for whales. Colorful images of these baleen whales and their surroundings combine with evocative rhyming text to inform readers of humpbacks' natural history. This acrobat of whales, seen in Pacific waters (and beyond), uses long, winglike flippers and powerful flukes (or tail) to outswim most of the other large whales. Also known for their rich and diverse vocalizations, the book describes the variety of complex sounds humpbacks produce, and how different sounds accompany various activities.

Vivid illustrations, lively text, hidden picture challenges, and layers of natural history make this a book that parents, teachers and children will enjoy. It covers lifespan, raising of young, feeding techniques and diet, migration, predators, and social bonds: a solid introduction to these fascinating whales.

32 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", full-color cover and insides, 10 color photographs, 23 other color illustrations, 8 black & white illustrations, 1 color map, December 2013. Published by Spot the Whale Books.
ISBN 978-1-57833-959-4 paperback

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When you see flukes

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