A Fair Distance
Lois Boblett's Western Memoir, 1851-1922

L. Darlene Spargo

A Fair Distance is the richly detailed memoir of Lois Boblett (1844-1925). L. Darlene Spargo weaves meticulously researched historical details through Boblett's memoir, enriching vivid memories and adding historical perspective to this woman's remarkable story. Boblett's words provide new insight into the roles women played in the Western Migration.

Boblett's first-hand descriptions of the struggles to settle the West begin in 1851 with sod-busting the Great Plains. She participated in the Pikes Peak gold rush, experienced the Civil War in the New Mexico Territory, fought Indians for a ranch at the edge of the Arizona frontier, traveled through California and sailed the West Coast to homestead in Washington Territory, even searched for silver in Idaho. Lois, always an equal partner with her husband Ed, also includes their last great adventure the stampede to Alaska's Klondike.

Only three copies left!

“...a rare treat to read.”
— Dan Messersmith, Mohave Museum, Kingman, AZ

178 pages, 8" x 10", 19 black & white photographs, 3 maps, 2 other illustrations, extensive bibliography, index. Published by Columbine Ink.
ISBN 978-0-9821740-7-4. trade paper



“What a great read. I found myself intrigued by the way news events of the time were integrated . . . events had an impact on the pioneers that opened the West. . . [A]ll the places these pioneers went, how they got there, what they traveled in, and the hardships that faced them the book becomes an eye opener. . . I would recommend this book for anyone interested in the history of the pioneers and the opening of the West.”
Mike Sinnwell, Rocky Mountain Profiles, Niwot, Colorado


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