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American Dippers
Singers in the Mountain Streams

Mary F. Willson & Katherine M. Hocker
American Dippers by Mary F. Willson & Katherine M. Hocker

The American Dipper is no ordinary songbird. Dippers make their living in the cascades and canyons of wild mountain streams of western North America. Weighing only about two ounces, dippers plunge in and out of rapids to find their food. They nest very close to the water, sometimes within inches of thundering waterfalls.

This fascinating and concise book invites readers into the world of these fascinating aquatic songbirds. How do dippers keep warm in the frigid water? What do they eat? What do their nests look like? How do scientists study them? Where can you go to find dippers?

Dipper researchers — and admirers — Willson and Hocker answer these questions and many more in this concise, captivating natural history of one of North America's most charming and unusual songbirds. Includes a chapter about the four other dipper species found in the world, and more.

64 pages, 6" x 9", full-color cover, 38 color photographs, 6 black & white photographs, 11 other illustrations, bibliography, 2011. Published by Cinclus Press. ISBN 978-1-57833-492-6. trade paper

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