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Desert Sanctuary
A Madrigal & Blaylock Mystery

Kathryn Mattern
Desert Sanctuary by Kathryn Mattern

In this complex, and ultimately spiritually uplifting mystery, unconventional healer Madrigal Strahan investigates a mysterious fire in the Nevada desert. She lives in a dying town near her long-time boyfriend and high school sweatheart, Vietnam vet Blaylock Pritchard. The silence and emptiness of their strangely beautiful and mysterious desert resonates with shock-waves following the obscure fire in the wilderness, revealing long-buried secrets that ultimately lead to spiritual and emotional resolutions for Madrigal’s family and friends.

This compelling, well-told story keeps readers guessing at most every turn, with rich and complex characters who seem to fit in this quirky little town. Richly peopled with eccentric locals, a reclusive old miner, drifters, native Americans, and lowlifes, this story revolves around an old mine. Mattern’s tale keeps readers guessing throughout, with the answers revealed only in the final chapters.

322 pages, 6” x 9”, full-color cover. Published by Cactus Flower Press.
ISBN 978-0-939431-41-0. trade paper

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