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Days of Grace
California Artist Grace Hudson in Hawaii

Karen Holmes & Sherrie Smith-Ferri
Days of Grace; California Artist Grace Hudson in Hawaii by Karen Holmes & Sherrie Smith-Ferri

Painter Grace Carpenter Hudson (1865-1937) is best remembered for her lifelike portraits of the Pomo Indian peoples of northern California. Less known and studied are the works she produced in 1901 in Hawaii. This book studies those works, and provides historical and biographical background.

Grace went to Hawaii because she was exhausted from overwork. it became one of the most rewarding years of her life. Readers are introduced to other artists she encountered, and meet the memorable individuals who befriended her. A complete portfolio of Hudson's 1901 work presents her lovely, and loving, portraits of the Hawaiian people.

Figure Notes, End Notes, index. 2014, 9” x 10”, full color cover, 64 black & white photographs, 2 color photographs, 4 maps, 35 color illustrations, 24 other illustrations. Published by Grace Hudson Museum.
ISBN 978-0-9740300-7-4

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