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Conifer Country
A Natural History and Hiking Guide to 35 Conifers of the Klamath Mountain Region

Michael Kauffmann
Conifer Country by Michael Kauffmann

This superb book is an innovative natural history and hiking guide that uses conifers as a lens to explore the astounding plant diversity in the Klamath Mountains. Author/publisher Michael Kauffmann introduces readers to the magic of this little known botanical wonderland through:

Who will benefit from reading Conifer Country? Plant lovers, hikers and backpackers — for novice and expert botanist alike. Ideal for people who want to get out in the field, explore wild places, and understand why the Klamath Mountain region nurtures unique plant diversity.

The supporting website,, has abundant info for conifer lovers, with password-protected sections for book buyers. Beautifully printed on 100% recycled paper.

“John Muir would have loved his book . . . Michael’s attitude toward the trees is very much in Muir’s tradition, seeing them not just as objects of study — ‘plants,’ part of ‘the scenery,’ but as highly evolved beings, companions and friends on the path of life. . . . Anyone who wants to know why the region’s biodiversity is considered a biotic treasure [should] take some of the hikes Conifer Country recommends.”
David Rains Wallace, author of The Klamath Knot and many other books on natural history

2012, 206 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", full-color cover, 56 black & white photographs, 78 color photographs, 3 color maps, 65 black & white maps, 3 tables, 3 other illustrations, glossary, bibliography. Published by Backcountry Press.
ISBN 978-0-578-09416-8. trade paper

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Conifer Country by Michael Kauffmann inside image Conifer Country by Michael Kauffmann inside image Conifer Country by Michael Kauffmann inside image Conifer Country by Michael Kauffmann inside image

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