Channel Islands National Park

A Photographic Interpretation

Photography by Tim Hauf
Text by Cynthia Andersen
channel islands national park

The most complete photographic record of the five Channel Islands of California's least visited national park. Hauf's sparkling images capture rich flora, fauna, cultural sites and landscapes of this offshore wonderland. In breathtaking photos Hauf leads readers on explorations of this natural refuge's wild and rugged coastal beauty, including abundant wildflowers and unusual marine and land animals.

118 pages, 11" x 10", full-color cover, 142 photographs, 5 maps, list of plants and animals, 1996. Published by Tim Hauf Photography. (Not available through Bored Feet in Santa Barbara County or Ventura County.)
ISBN 1-885324-11-1.    trade paper

Price: 19.95


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channel island photo by tim hauf